Welcome to Kincaid Electrical Services, Central Florida's premier residential and commercial electrical service provider since 1973.

Electric Repair

Electrical problems?  Kincaid Electric offers reliable residential and commercial electrical repair and installation services in Polk County, Florida and surrounding areas.

Lighting Installation

Upgrade your indoor and outdoor specialty lighting, holiday lighting and landscape lighting.  Call Kincaid Electric to schedule your installation.


Power Surge Protection

A Florida thunderstorm may leave you with damaged equipment, computers, appliances, etc.  We offer power surge protection for homes and businesses.

Landscape Lighting

Adds beauty and security to your home or business.  Outdoor lights will improve the safety of family members, your employees and customers.

Eager to experience the Holiday spirit at your home?  Before you start hanging your own lights, make sure to watch our Christmas Lighting video!


Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans our popular in Florida's heat.   The are a practical decoration that can give light and add style to any space.  Plus they are energy efficient.

Service Change /
Panel Upgrade

Signs it's time for an Electrical Panel Upgrade:
  • Need a larger service
  • Original panel to home
  • Flipping breakers constantly
  • Panel doesn't use breakers
  • Insurance coverage on your home.

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